Our Summer Fellowship program brings together a cohort of 20 change-makers from across the continent with a strong commitment to Europe. The program is designed to build the Fellows' leadership ability to implement civic projects and political campaigns aimed at strengthening Europe's cohesion, contribute to a sense of shared European identity, and mobilize others in taking responsibility for the future of Europe.









The Fellowship is based on a unique pedagogy incubated between Harvard University and MIT, and revolves around a residential workshop, blended with elements of long-distance learning and personalized coaching. The program is designed to support Fellows in bringing their ideas and contributions to Europe to life, wherever they are in their campaigns or project cycle.

For this program, we created a unique blend of two of our core methodologies, Adaptive Leadership and Organizing. We developed a U-shaped pedagogy to help our Fellows tackle their most pressing leadership challenges. We called it Diagnose, Connect, Act. We used Adaptive Leadership to diagnose our Fellows' cases and dove deeper into the underlying challenges to their success, moving down the "U" to until coming up with action options to address their cases. Then we used Public Narrative to teach our fellows how to use their values and their personal stories to connect with their communities. Finally, we ended the workshop using Organizing to simulate actions on the ground to teach our Fellows how to ask for commitment and mobilize their people to action.





In carrying out the program, we utilized different pedagogical strategies, starting with distance-learning modules aimed at spreading the conceptual basics of Adaptive Leadership, with 1:1 calls between Fellows and their coaches, and through small-group online sessions. In Segovia, during our residential workshop, we used frontal teaching in the plenary class, we broke up into small groups to do more practical work, we created the space for peer-coaching sessions, and then at the end of each module left space for feedback, consolidation, and horizontal learning. Finally, post workshop we delivered on-line mentoring sessions where we brought experts to dive-in into topics that emerged as key to help Fellows advance in their understanding of the framework and tackling of their endeavors.

Below you can see some postcards from Segovia. It's been quite a journey!





The beginning of the journey
Rooting a workshop on the future of Europe in the history of Segovia could not make for a better start...
Through Segovia
...from the Roman aqueduct through the Renaissance churches, to the Jewish quarter. So much richness in Segovia's history
Public Narrative
Using Public Narrative to connect and inspire action
Setting shared norms
Setting shared norms is a much needed and sometime conflictual moment in a group's work. But it's fundamental in order to create trust, commitment, shared purpose
Meeting each other
To begin on the right foot, we need to hear everyone's story. Why are you here?
Our first family photo!
Discussing the key concepts of Adaptive Leadership in order to diagnose leadership cases
Sharing with one another
Listening to each other
Ever played videoke?!
Energizers are the best way to boost energy when the team gets tired during a long day
Leadership cases
Diving deeper into case analysis using Adaptive Leadership
Peer coaching
Peer coaching is an essential part of our pedagogy, and a solid base for community building
Kris diving into the history of Denmark's organizing: political action must be rooted into the history of local communities
Borja and Andres modeling for what is a good one-on-one: the beginning of a joint mission by discovering each other's resources
Active listening
Small group work
Breaking the class into smaller groups is key in order to allow everyone to start practicing the newly acquired skills
Pairing up
The best way to start assimilating concept is to simulate the work and peer-coach each other
Keepin' it fun!
Keeping it fun is key. Never forget to celebrate, enjoy each other's company, and not take ourselves too seriously!
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